"Delibites" is our company’s new brand and is a portmanteau of the words ‘delights’ and ‘bites’. Our new brand was created with our company’s exports in mind, with corresponding packaging and product description on the back of the packaging in 3 different languages (English, French and Arabic).

The brand includes 5 different codes with unique loukoumi flavours. Each code concerns bite-size loukoumia and a combination of flavours for each separate code.

Delibites are available in a 250gr box and 42 items per case. You can also purchase a display of 7 items.

Delights Assortment

An assortment of soft delights with our most popular flavors: Rose, Mastic, Orange, Pergamont and Strawberry.

Product Type & Weight: Box 250gr

Nut assortment Delights

A tempting assortment of delights filled with chopped Pistachio, Hazelnuts, Almond and Walnut kernels.

Product Type & Weight: Box 250gr

Rose flavored Delights with Almond Kernels / Honey flavored Delights with Walnut Kernels

A combination of real premium delights with Rose flavored with Almond kernel & Honey flavored with Walnut kernel.

Product Type & Weight: Box 250gr

Pistachio flavored Delights with Pistachio Kernels / Cacao with Hazelnut Kernels

An assortment of premium delights with the flavors of Pistachio with Pistachio kernels and Cacao with Hazelnut kernels.

Product Type & Weight: Box 250gr

Crystal delibites

Unique soft confections with the distinctive flavor of Rose, wrapped in small bites which can be enjoyed any time of the day. A pleasure for both palate and teeth.

Product Type & Weight: Bag 250gr